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Welcome to the Warley Water Polo website.  Warley was established in 1888.
The club is situated about 3 miles west from the centre of Birmingham, West Midlands, England. 

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South Derbyshire 12 v 11  Warley A 21st May

Wasps loose their unbeaten run at Repton. Starting slowly Warley found themselves behind in the first quarter.  However, as the game went on Warley drew level.  While the score changed frequently neither team could get a substantial lead.  With the score 11 v 11 and less than a minute to play the home team were awarded a penalty which proved to be the deciding goal of the game.

Warley players and scorers in brackets were John Halstead G/K, Eddy Smart, Nick Burrows, Dave Lane, John Pridden,  Adam Whitehall (1), Aaron Moorfield, Alex Parsonage (9), Ian Wilkins, and Nick Covington (1).

Next game:  Home against Solihull, Wed 28th May.
Warley B  9 v 8  Aston       Wed 21st May

Depletion of players due to holidays, exams and a call-up for Eddy Smart to play at Derby saw the Bees draft in Sam Dallow and Connor Oats to make their senior debuts and the welcome return of Rhys York after injury.  Two-all in the first attacking the deep wasn't the greatest of starts. Fortunately, the second quarter attacking the shallow-end went 3 - 0 to the home team and effectively gave them the cushion and confidence to go on and win the game.  The final two quarters were close with Aston winning them but not by enough to close that three goal margin gained in the second quarter.

Warley players were Silas Mawdsley, Bart Dalton (2), Bradley Iles, Daniel Carver, Mike Jukes (1), William Martin, Connor Oates, Rhys York (4), Joe Ockford and Nathan Wilkes (2).

Next game:  Away against Worcester B, Thurs 5th June.
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Next game :  Solihull  v  Warley, Sun 1st June
Warley  4  v  17  Cheltenham    Wed 14 May
Cheltenham are probably the strongest side in the League, having posted big wins over Solihull and Coventry.  So it was not too surprising when they took a six nil lead.  Fortunately, Andrew Sunderland got Warley onto the match sheet with just two seconds of the 1st quarter left.  This gave Warley some encouragement with Fleur Kennedy and Kate Hadley scoring in the second quarter.  The third quarter was Warley's best although we didn't score the home team limited the visitors to just one goal.  The final quarter ended 1 - 3, with both teams making it difficult to score.
Warley players and scorers (in brackets) were Andrew Sunderland (2) Cameron Dallow, Filip Koziankiewiez, Fleur Kennedy (1), Kate Hadley(1), Lukaz Mrozowski (G/K 1st, 3rd & 4th), Matthew Dixon, Sam Dallow and Kacper Brandys (G/K 2nd)
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Warley players and scorers in brackets were Kirsty Clay,   Becky Thomas, Vicki Hawkins (Captain, 1), Cally Parsonage (1), Abi Jeffrey (1), Liz Kennedy (2), Izzy Murton, Fleur Roberts, Miriam Ridha (5) and Fleur Kennedy (2).
Worcester 9  v  12  Warley           16th March

The Ladies game followed the Youth game and in their final game they needed to win to be sure of the runners-up spot.  Losing the toss, Warley had to attack the deep-end first and, like the Youth team, they didn't take full advantage.
Unfortunately, the women conceeded 13 majors (including 2 converted penalties) against Worcester's miserly 3.  To the neutral observer( if you could find one!) this would have seemed very uneven!!
However, Warley stuck to their task and by the end of the third quarter had built up a sizeable 6 - 11 lead.  Like the youth team the girls scored first in the final quarter( Miriam Ridha scoring her 5th goal in only her third game of the season. Oh how we miss you!!)  to effectively win the game and get that second spot finish.
Congratulations to all the players who took part in our first season back after a four year break.  At the start of the season we lost 3  players because they became pregnant, hopefully we'll see them return with their newborns next season!!
Next game:  Season starts in October.
Warley A  20  v  11  Worcester A            5th March 2014

This should have been Hornets v Worc Y, but because of the lack of dates to have friendlies prior to the start of the Midland League it was changed to an A team fixture between the two clubs.  Unfortunately, Worcester turned up with only seven players and while their play merited more majors, the loss of a player would have ruined the fixture and effectively had an influence on the game. End of quarter scores were 5 - 2, 5 - 5, 4 - 2 & 6 - 2.  
Warley A players & goals:  Eddy Smart (G/K), Aaron Moorfield, Alex Parsonage (8), John Pridden (3), Rhys York (1), Philip Croft (1), Dave Lane (2), Norman Stephens (2), Gareth Cheadle and Nick Covington, making a guest appearance, (3).

Next game:  Warley B v HGSOB, Wed 12 March, 8.45pm warm-up
Warley  5  v  9  HGSOB        26th Feb 2014

A big improvement on the previous game at Handsworth where we lost 13 v 5.  In fact with just two minutes remaining the score was 5 v 7 with Warley having the better of the second half, outscoring Handsworth 4 - 2.  Unfortunately, Warley couldn't convert those final chances and the result went to HGSOB.
The referee commented that we played much better than earlier in the season.  Nathan Wilkes again took on the role of marking Handsworth's top goal scorer, limiting him to just three goals.
Warley players:  Silas Mawdsley (G/K), Sam Dallow, Tom Griffiths, Phillip Leader (1 goal), Kurtis Jones (1 goal), Nathan Wilkes (1 goal), Josh Hadley, Asa Crinnian (1 goal), Joe Ockford, James Clarke(1 goal), Andrew Sunderland and Bryn Jones.
Men's A team     MIDLAND  LEAGUE  CHAMPIONS  2013
Warley A  13 v 11  Hucknall         30th Sept
Warley won their final game of the season against Hucknall to win the Midland League Division One Championship.
Warley players and scorers in brackets were John Halstead G/K, Dave Lane, Ian Wilkins, Adam Whitehall (4), Graham Harrington (6), Nick Burrows, John Pridden (1), Aaron Moorfield, Paul Martin, Philip Croft (1), Bart Dalton and Gareth Cheadle (1)

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