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Warley's 1903 Midland League Champions 
(previously called  Smethwick).

Left to Right ????

The Midland Water Polo League (previously called
the Birmingham & District League) was established
in 1895. The above photo shows the Warley Team
(previously called Smethwick) complete with trophy
as 1903 Champions. Warley had dominated these
early years having won the Title four times in the
first nine years. Unfortunately, we had to wait until
1989, exactly 100 years after we had first won the Title,
until we did it again!!

An historical photo taken from 
"Smethwick in old photographs" by J Maddison.

This is the front view of Thimblemill Baths
our home pool. (Taken in 1956)

An historical photo taken from
"Smethwick in old photographs" by J Maddison

Inside Thimblemill Baths. Taken before the
 diving boards were removed. The baths
opened in 1933. At this time it was the largest
pool in the Midlands and hosted international
swimming events on a number of occasions.
This is where we train and play our Midland
League games. (Taken 1956).An historical photo taken from "Smethwick in old 
photographs" by J Maddison.

Rolfe Street Baths opened in 1888. It has since
been knocked down, brick by brick, and has
been rebuilt at the Black Country Museum in
Dudley. The picture was taken in 1962. There
were two pools designated first and second class,
both were 20 yards long. The Swimming Club
started here in 1888.

An historical photo taken from "Smethwick in
old photographs" by J Maddison.

Bert Owen a long time Warley swimming coach
takes an adult class in the first class pool at
Rolfe Street Baths. (May 1960)

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