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Hasselt Tour 2003

Hasselt Tour 2003  A total of 31 Players (2 men's teams & 1 women's team) descended on Hasselt, Belgium. 

Gaz and some of the women's players relaxing between games.

Warley Women's Team - Vicki, Nicola, Hayley, Susan, kate, Kirsty, Cally, Laura, Jenny, & Nicky
Where's Miriam - again?

A team resting between quarters

This is us taking a picture of the Hasselt Press taking a picture of us!

Where's the ball?

Most of the party (including Miriam). Can you spot who's who? Are some of these faces real? Definately a bit of camera 'shake'. If anyones got some good photos please let me have them (MW).
I think we have, in face order, Jenny, Mrs & Mr Lane, Ian, Nicki, Alex, Will (with cap),Hayley, Bellies,
Nick,Carty, Cally, Tony?, John H, Sue, Adam, Miriam, Gaz, Kisty, Dan, Vicki, John P, Kate, Laura, Nicola, Eddy, Liz, and Paula.  Where's Chris?

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